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Environmental Policies

Environment -  Vive a Serra
We sign a Environmental committed , to contribute to a better environment by encouraging the implementation of good environmental practices.

Concerns such as waste management, the care with the quality of air and water, energy consumption and environmental awareness mark presence in our environmental policy.

We do a selective separation of the waste produced in hotels and plan to continue to refine and improve continuously this separation.
Currently, the separation is made of selective paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, wood and cooking oil, and later this waste sent to final destination appropriate.

The hotels are equipped with a TCM (Technical Centralized Management ), which allows, among other things, maintenance and optimization of the operating conditions of wiring, lighting and control the operation of the lifts.

Furthermore, the conservation of energy a constant concern, were also implemented the following good environmental practices:
Use of compact fluorescent lamps - lamps low consumption
Equipment of WC's hands with dryers, timed in order to avoid an unnecessary use of time and consequent excessive consumption of energy
Use of centralized air conditioning system in order to decrease the energy consumption in the cooling and heating of the air inside.

Also for the water feature, considering the concerns in the use of taps temporizadoras in WC'se of a system of irrigation timed, all with the goal of optimizing its consumption.


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